Introducing Mark Sandlin

PCoC is excited to welcome Rev. Mark Sandlin, who was appointed as Interim Pastor on December 8, 2015. Mark is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA).sandlin He is a co-founder of The Christian Left. His blog, The God Article, was recently named as one of the “Top Ten Christian Blogs.” He also writes for The Huffington Post and Sojourners.

In 2013, Mark received the “Award of Excellence” from the Associate Church Press. He’s been featured on PBS’s “Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly” and on NPR’s “The Story with Dick Gordon.”

“Pastor Mark,” as he is known to some in Greensboro, leads by building relationships, one conversation at a time. If you would like to speak with Mark, please call the church at (336)275-6403 to find out about his schedule. You can also hear some of his recent messages here.